Daniel Yerenburg, Senior Artist
Hi, I’m Daniel I’m 39 years old. I have been dealing with hair loss since I was 17. I have tried every solution possible and was always let down. I found Micropigmentation about eight years ago and had my procedure done about 6 and a half years ago right after I learned how to execute procedures and my journey began as of now I have executed over 5000 beautiful procedures on men and women dealing with variety of hair loss pattern hair loss, I am considered top five in the world. I have many certifications, I have received several awards for best procedures in the past five years. It is my real passion to put smiles on people’s faces to give you the confidence. Come to see us at Scalp allure and explore how you can change your life.

Iryna Yerenburg, Artist
I’ve been in a permanent makeup industry for the last seven years. Microblading for the last three years and micro pigmentation also for the last three years. I have executed over a thousand procedures for men and women dealing with hair loss density, natural hairlines for shaved looks. I have a real passion for this amazing procedure to give back confidence to those who are dealing with pattern hair loss, alopecia and all sorts of hair loss problems. I have worked with different skin types, hair colors. We at Scalp Allure use a three-layer technique which gives you the most natural results. Feel free to come in for a free consultation and explore how you can change your life.

Tanisha Lucas, Artist
Tanisha was introduced to SMP when her husband received the procedure at Scalp Allure. She was so impressed with her husband’s procedure; she decided to train under Daniel Yerenburg to learn the procedure. Tanisha became a certified SMP artist July 2018. She has performed touch-ups on multiple clients in the Bethesda office. Tanisha suffers from alopecia herself and understands her clients struggle with hair loss. She plans to get the procedure herself in the near future. Tanisha thrives off of making others happy and more confident with their appearance.

Ester Gozhansky, Artist
Ester is a natural born artist with training and certification from prestigious PhiBrows Academy, which represents the top microblading academy in the world. Ester’s true passion for beauty, health and wellness began 15 years ago when she embarked on a journey to become a makeup artist and makeup educator, as she wanted to empower women to look and feel their best. As microblading became more popular in United States, Ester wanted to fuse her experience as an artist with that of an impeccable mastery of microblading. She became a certified PhiBrows Academy Artist earning reputation as one of the Top-notch professionals in the area.


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