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5on BirdEye,Jun 14, 2020


Daniel is truly amazing and amazing artist!! I have experience with previous procedures. I decided to go with him because I liked the work showcases from previous clients, he is very easy to work with, very informative, his price was very reasonable, makes you feel very comfortable about your hair condition and has a beautiful location. I would definitely recommend and come back for touch ups with him. Very happy with the result.

5on Google,Jan 24, 2020


Daniel is a great artist. He changed my life. Highly recommended and you won't regret it.

5on Google,Jan 13, 2020


For the best micro scalp pigmentation see Daniel at scalp aesthetics DC ! He is the best! He will change your life !!

5on Google,Dec 25, 2019


Daniel is a great artist. He changed my life. Highly recommended and you won't regret it.

5on Google,Dec 12, 2019


Hello to whom it may concern just wanted to leave a review I've been doing a lot of research on this procedure I have been suffering with hair loss for a few years now after meeting Daniel and I decided to do the procedure and I can tell you the results are truly amazing looks 100% natural and I'm very happy with the results thank you.

5on Google,Dec 12, 2019


Hi my name is Peter, What Daniel did for me at Scalp Allure is nothing short of a "Miracle!!!" When I first met Daniel I told him that I had just been served with Divorce papers..., and my soon to be ex-wife mentioned that she was no longer attracted to me due to my hair loss... She said that it looked like I had a "Canoe" in the front of my head..., and that I had a "Huge 4-Inch-Bald-Spot in the back of my head!!!" As you could imagine this greatly affected my Confidence regarding my Image... I met with Daniel, he was very professional, and he asked me a few questions about why I wanted the Scalp Allure Procedure. He listened to me and genuinely cared... After the very first procedure I had a visible hair line again for the first time in many years...; I could not believe it!!! That night I went out to a Lounge, and kept looking in the mirror at my new hair and new hair line!!! I could not wait for my second Scalp Allure Procedure!!! I immediately asked Daniel to please do the entire top of my head vs. just touching up the front and the back, and he said absolutely!!! Now my hair looks 100% Full and 100% Natural!!! Daniel is a True-Artist!!! I actually call him "Daniel Dali" named after the artist "Salvador Dali" because he did a True-Work of Art with my Procedure!!! Everywhere I go now Friends and Family keep telling me that I look so much Younger and that they like my Hair..., and they do not even know why!!! No One EVER commented about my hair before my Scalp Allure Procedure! So a big "Thank You" to You Daniel and the Scalp Allure Team for helping me to look 10-15 years Younger..., and for helping me to get my Confidence back with my Image! By the way... I am now Newly Engaged to a Wonderful Woman who is Nicer, Younger and More Beautiful than my ex-wife!!! LOL... Thank you Daniel...You are Truly doing God's Work by helping your clients to look Younger and Improve their Image Confidence!!! I will be a Scalp Allure client for LIFE!!!

5on BBB,Dec 10, 2019


Daniel changed my life with the SMP procedure. He is truly a master of his craft. Amazing artist, Amazing human being. I researched a ton before going with Daniel and I’m glad I dis. His eye for perfection sets him apart. Look no further than Scalp Allure, simply best in the business!

5on BBB,Dec 10, 2019


Daniel changed my life with the SMP procedure. He is truly a master of his craft, and simply the best in the business! I researched a ton before deciding to go with Daniel. His work and eye for perfection sets him apart. AMAZING artist, AMAZING human being. Top notch

5on Google,Dec 09, 2019


Awesome service, great bedside manner...and a absolute pleasure to interact with.....where is the 10 star button??

5on Google,Nov 16, 2019


I trained with Danny at Scalp Allure, and it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Very detailed, we had one on one conversations, I was able to ask as many questions as I could think of, we worked on patients together and he even gave me My First Machine! Most trainers do not provide the equipment, Danny Gave me a whole kit to get started. I highly recommend choosing Scalp Allure if you’re interested in learning how to be an SMP Practitioner.

5on Google,Nov 04, 2019


I had a surprisingly pleasant consultation at Scalp Allure. Daniel was exceedingly kind, well informed and helpful. You're not just another client coming in to get a service, Daniel wants to make sure that you look good and feel good about your treatment and makes sure that procedure is in place and that you are comfortable with the way you look He took complimentary photos of my hair line so that I could really see the extent of hair loss. It could have been really awkward but instead I actually had fun. This is why I am impressed. My hair looks great again. That's a big reason why I'm writing this feedback. I know a business professional when I meet one and Scalp Allure, went above and beyond in my opinion. Thank you Daniel

5on Google,Nov 02, 2019


I had a great experience with Scalp Allure. From the very first visit I was made to feel comfortable, the atmosphere was laid back, but still very neat. The artist (Danny) is great at what he does, he's knowledgeable and will answer any questions you have. The results are awesome and well worth the reasonable cost. I have already recommended family for SMP and Microblading. No complaints from me.

5on Google,Oct 30, 2019


I want to thank Daniel and Scalp Allure he has a gift a natural talent.He is a life changer. There is no one like him.Anyone who is experiencing hair loss should go to him right away.Very professional and decent person.His skills are remarkable. If I could give Scalp Allure ten stars I would.

5on BBB,Oct 12, 2019


My experience and hair transformation were both out of this world. Danny is a true magician and master craftsmen, turning a blank canvas into a beautiful portrait. I never knew I could look so youthful again with just three sessions but it has happened. Don’t wait and debate, book a session with Danny and watch him turn back the clock of time. Keith 10/11/19

5on Google,Sep 16, 2019


Daniel does a great job meeting the client needs. He was able to treat my thinning hair and make it appear more dense. The appearance of hair loss is no longer an issue for me thanks to scalp allure 🙂

5on Google,Aug 19, 2019


Scalp Allure is the best training facility for LEARNING smp! Let me first say that I appreciate Daniel and what he brings to the SMP world. The knowledge and expertise he shares with his students is top notch. I can honestly say that he taught me more over the phone than more instructors give in a whole day! Flat out if you want to learn this at a high level of application, Daniel is your guy!...

5on Google,Aug 12, 2019


Daniel is the best of the best.... Daniel is also such a caring person and will work with you until you’re 100% satisfied. He is super talented and cares wholeheartedly in his work. Such a kind and caring man whom you will become friends with. I’ve never had a better experience anywhere!

5on Google,Jul 30, 2019


This is a life changing procedure. I found Scalp Allure on instagram. I was watching his work for over a year. I finally (DM) him and he told me to come in for a free consultation. Once,I arrived at his office , I noticed it was a very posh office with a warm feel. Daniel met me in the consultation room and explained the procedure to me. Also, he showed me many pictures of different styles. He recommended the style I should use. I felt comfortable and ready to make my appointment. To be honest I was nervous , but what did I have to lose. I lost so maypny hair follicles, so I was ready to gain something. One month later I came in for my first procedure. It was under 2 hours and it was not uncomfortable at all! I left feeling like a million bucks (mind you - this was only ther first procedure) I would recommend anyone who is thinking about doing this procedure - please do! You have nothing to lose but everything to gain! It will change your life! NO regrets only happiness

5on Google,Jul 29, 2019


Wish I would have found this company sooner! Very professional business and reasonable pricing for their work. The owner, Dan, is very personable and creates a positive experience you won’t forget. Definitely recommending this to friends/family, and I will be back for more in the near future!

5on Google,Jul 29, 2019


Dani is a detail oriented perfectionist with years of experience and thousands of clients. The only person I would trust with my scalp!

5on Google,Jul 29, 2019


I went to Danny after getting my first couple of procedures from another provider who hadn’t been in the micropigmentation business very long. He was a really nice and honest person but there were complications and it turned out really bad. I sent pictures to Danny and made an appointment which involved a 6 hr drive for me one way. Danny seemed confident from the beginning he could repair it but he wasn’t totally sure how successful it might be as compared to someone going to him without already being botched. Long story short, I’ve had two sessions with Danny and one left in another week or so. The results are outstanding... flawless. One final visit and I’ll let everyone know the FINAL RESULTS! Hopefully Danny will post my final scalp picture too. One final note... he’s definitely the best in the business. He’s also a great family man and business man. If you’re thinking of getting micropigmentation call him up first. You won’t regret it. Also.... Glad to call him my friend.

5on Google,Jul 29, 2019


I had been an SMP client 8 years ago from another company (NYC location), but had to go back growing my hair because they use a lighter shade even though my hair is black. Few months ago, I saw Daniel’s website. I inquired over the phone and immediately set up an appointment to give SMP another try. I am so thrilled to get this done right with this amazing and talented person. He will do everything to make his client happy. I had seen him in several encounters with customers. I was so impressed with his skills and passion to this life changing procedure that I decided to sign up for the training... Learning this technique from one of the best SMP artist is the best decision I have done. Our DMV area is very lucky to have a provider like Daniel Yerenburg. If you’re thinking about having a procedure like this or learn this craft, pick up the phone and set up a free consultation/inquiry.

5on Google,Jul 29, 2019


Daniel is the best! He is very courteous, professional and works hard to satisfy his clients!

5on BBB,Jul 24, 2019


A1 service all around. Will exceed expectations! Daniel is truly the best in the business.