Danny Yerenburg Scalp Allure
Clients age ethnicity has he ever had any transplants in the past or any surgeries on the scalp skin condition type of hair loss pattern what hairline client wants to go with or density Phill schedule a procedure date.
CONSULTAITON helps you to understand are the results that you can expect and make the right decision out of it.
Your personal artist meets with you, at your scheduled time, at our office. We consider your time as a priority. Our treatment will reflect your personal style.


Artist select a perfect style that suits your head. He selects the design and treatment based on your opinion.
Scalp micropigmentation practitioner will review all needed documents and will schedule your first session.
During the selection of the design the artist will make sure that the customer is completely knowledgeable about his design and the treatment chosen.
Danny Yerenburg Scalp Allure


We start the treatment with lots of care and precautions. Scalp allure treatments last longer than as expected.

The treatment consists of 3 sessions

  • 3 to 4-hour session 1st layer draw on the hairline pick the right ink color proceed with the first session.
  • See how the first session healed to make sure there’s no peeling continue with the layer too.
  • Make sure the client is healed properly after the session to make sure there’s no peeling make sure the ink color matches nicely to the surrounding hair replicate layer three finish the procedure and detail the hairline complete.


When the treatment is completed our artist will consult with final aftercare measures. The final result of your treatment will be as expected.
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