MP process is considered to be the best hair loss solution when it comes to non-surgical hair loss treatment options for men and women. Scalp Allure offers personalized service that will enhance your appearance. Contrary to popular belief, the Scalp Micropigmentation procedure differs greatly from getting a tattoo.
Hair Transplant Scars
The Scalp Allure technique is a highly advanced form of Scalp Micropigmentation procedure, not only covering scars, but giving the illusion of a fuller head of hair either by adding density to longer hair, or recreating the look of hair being shaved. Hair transplant scars concealed using Scalp Micropigmentation.
Hair Transplant Combination
As well as hiding general baldness and thinning, we use our Scalp Micropigmentation technique to cover scars created by hair restoration surgery. This includes linear scars found at the back and sides of the head following a FUT procedure, as well as dotted FUE scars. There is however, another way that Scalp Micropigmentation can work with your hair transplant – as a pre-planned combination procedure.
Dealing with hair loss is very stressful, and the last thing you need is to completely lose your confidence due to an SMP procedure that has gone bad. SMP is similar to head tattooing, but it is not the same. Scalp Micropigmentation has nothing to do with permanent makeup or regular tattooing. To get it right, you have to use special inks of the highest quality, as well as state of the art equipment.
Repairing Botched Procedures
Alopecia is a serious condition that is characterized by hair loss in areas of the head and parts of the body where hair would normally grow. Alopecia can occur both in men and women for different reasons. For many people, alopecia comes without previous warning, and most types cannot be cured. Although it affects more than 6 million individuals in the US, most people don’t know what to do to address it.
Microblading is perfect for anyone who wants to have full, natural-looking brows that complement your facial structure and would not look like they’ve been tattooed on. Also, anyone suffering from any condition that causes hair loss would be an ideal Microblading client. Microblading artist takes six measurements on your brow bone to make sure that the eyebrows look absolutely perfect.


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