Microblading Eye Brows Procedure

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What Is Microblading?

Microblading, also known as microstroking, hair like strokes, eyebrow embroidery or 3D brows, represents a form of semi-permanent method that provides means to enhance one’s eyebrows. It is a method of manually applying pigment into the upper layers of skin to create an illusion of fullness and re-shape eyebrows so that they complement client’s face and bone structure. Microblading differs from a traditional hairstroke technique in that it is not done by a machine, but rather manually by a very fine blade. The blade is applied gently, causing fine cuts so that the hairstrokes look exactly like natural brow hair. You would not be able to tell the difference! Due to the fact that the color is deposited to the upper layers of skin, the strokes appear very fine and natural and there is no spilling under the skin. Microblading artist takes six measurements on your brow bone to make sure that the eyebrows look absolutely perfect and, above all, your eyebrows will never look like it is a tattoo!

Microblading is perfect for anyone who wants to have full, natural looking brows that would complement your facial structure and would not look like a cookie-cutter tattoo. Also, anyone suffering from any condition that causes hair loss would be an ideal microblading client.

About Ester Gozhansky

Ester received her training at PhiBrows Academy, which is one of the most respected and known microblading institutions in the world, setting the highest standards in the industry. To become a certified artist, Ester had to complete a very meticulous, in-depth program set by the academy in order to achieve PhiBrows standards.

What Ester’s Clients Say

Ester is an amazing artist and is very professional. My brow shape came out so much better than I could ever imagine, giving me a more youthful and natural look. Ester has explained the whole healing process and the aftercare in great detail, so that I was very well informed and prepared to go through all of the stages of the microblading process. In the end I am absolutely in love with my new eyebrows! I would definitely recommend Ester to all of my friends!

Why Is PhiBrows Different?

PhiBrows is one of the most recognized microblading companies that has originated in Europe and that has fostered a scientific method of microbalding that has become one of the most popular methods in the world.

PhiBrows artists produce very different and unique quality of work due to the fact that they use a scientific method, which lays at the core of the PhiBrows course certification. This course requires an artist to complete 11 different levels of mastery to ensure that their skills are in accordance with PhiBrows standard. PhiBrows artists use proprietary techniques and instruments, which have been designed to produce perfect symmetry, beautiful eyebrow shape and precise hairstrokes so that the brow looks natural and compliments client’s face, bone structure and hair color. PhiBrows will produce unique results for every client! Additionally, PhiBrows products do not contain dangerous heavy metals, which are found in almost all permanent makeup products, where PhiBrows products last longer and look more natural.

Microblading Video

Microblading Brow Before And After Pictures

How long does the procedure take?

We recommend setting aside 2-3 hours for the first session and 1-2 hours for the second microblading session. During the first session, PhiBrows artist shapes the brows according to a scientific method, so that the brows fit client’s facial and bone structure. Then 4-6 weeks later, the client would return for the touch up session.

How long does the healing phase take?

The healing phase takes about 10-12 days, whereby the redness and puffiness will go away. Also, the brows will be initially dark and then will become lighter and, as the pigment settles in. It will take approximately 30 days for the color to lighten and this process to complete.

Do I have to come for a touch up?e

Yes, absolutely. A touch up is necessary because every client will heal differently, whereby the results will vary. PhiBrows artist might have to adjust the color or add to the brow thickness. All of the final adjustments will be made at the touch up appointment, so please do not miss it!

Why do I have to wait for 6 weeks to touch-up?

We do not recommend touch-up sooner because the healing process would not be complete yet. Therefore, you would not be seeing final results and final adjustments should not be made until final results are in.

How long would Microblading last?

Since microblading represents a semi-permanent method, it will generally last from 6 to 24 months depending on the skin type and age. The area will fade naturally, not like a tattoo, because the pigments are implanted in the upper layers of skin, rather than deep into skin like a tattoo does. Additionally, skincare also affects the duration of microblading brows. We recommend touch ups to maintain your beautiful brows!

What are pre care instructions?

- Make sure to avoid alcohol, aspirin, ibuprofen or any vitamins for 72 hours before the procedure, as these can have an effect on the thinning of your blood.
- Also, do not tan before the procedure.

What are post care instructions?

- Clean your brows very gently using Q-tip very lightly moistened with water
- Very gently wipe away healing balm (Skin Candy) that may have accumulated on your eyebrows
- Very gently re-apply Skin Candy morning and night for up to a week. Make sure to use just a little bit of Skin Candy and do not over apply it!
- Do not submerge eyebrows in water for two weeks
- Make sure to avoid washing face when showering and do not wash brows
- Avoid aspirin, alcohol, ibuprofen and vitamins for up to 24 hours
- Do not try to scratch, rub or peel your brows as they are healing!
- Do not swim, tan or visit sauna for two weeks
- Do not use chemical peels or face scrubs for two weeks

Are there risks or complications of Microblading?

Your certified PhiBrows artist will always follow proper procedures to ensure highest standards and safety, as we would always use sterilized and disposable tools. When our clients follow all of the pre and post care instructions, the risk of complications is minimal. Allergic reactions are very rare, but, of course, can sometimes occur. That is why our artists always perform a pigment path test for clients with sensitive skin or those with known allergies.

What happens if I do not like my eyebrows?

We truly believe if you choose PhiBrows Certified artist, you will be absolutely in love with your eyebrows. In fact, we encourage you to shop around and discuss all your expectations with your artist. Before we apply the pigment, you will be able to have final say on a shape, style and color of your eyebrows. Please realize that no face is ever perfectly symmetrical and we use scientific method to create symmetry so that your eyebrows fit your facial and bone structure. We can make adjustments during touch up session, such as adding color and brow fullness. Please keep in mind that microblading is semi-permanent and will eventually fade if touch ups are not done.

How Painful Is Microblading?

All in all, we feel that microblaidng is more uncomfortable than it is painful, whereby the level of pain is considered minimal. The artist would apply a topical anesthetics in order to numb the brow area (topical anesthetics are considered safe and contain tetracaine, lidocaine and epinephrine). It is very common to have redness and swelling right after the procedure – both usually will subside within 1-2 days.


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