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Hair Replacement Service – Ranked Top 3 All Time Hair Transplantation Clinic Providing Scalp Micropigmentation

✔ More Than 3500 Scalp Pigmentation Procedures Completed
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✔ More Than A Tattoo Shop – It ‘s Hair Loss Restoration
✔ SMP Treatment – Your Alternative to Hair Loss Surgery
✔ Highest Rated Reviews For Scalp Micropigmentation
Scalp Allure are the pioneers of the scalp micropigmentation who have globaly grown all around the world with over a 150 locations Scalp Allure manufactures our own machines, needles, and specially formulated organic ink for micropigmentation, find out what treatments we offer. SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT

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Meet Danny Yerenburg

Hi, my name is Danny! I am the owner and the artist of Scalp Allure. I’ve been suffering from hair loss since I was 18 years old. I have tried anything and everything on the market starting from comb overs, graduating to painting my scalp, than i discovered Hair Club. At the time i thought was a solution to my problem. I stayed with Hair Club for about 3 years, but i don’t know what was worse being bald or wearing a wig on your head. Afterwords I just decided to keep my head shaved. At this stage of my hair loss I had complete horseshoe and the whole top was completely bold. I remember sitting in front of the computer when i found micro pigmentation procedure. Only a few companies existed in the country. Thinking that it was simply a tattoo procedure I decided to go with the local tattoo artist who promised he can execute the procedure properly. After the first session I quickly realized that I had made a terrible mistake by not going to skilled specialist; my head was blue and covered in big dots. To make the story short it took 6 more months of laser treatments to get rid of this nightmare. Lucky enough, I came across Scalp Allure in Rochester New York. They flew me in for a 3 night stay to get my full head procedure executed. I picked the edge up style and couldn’t be any happier. The problem to my hair loss since the age of 18 was over. It took over a 15 years journey to find a procedure that actually gives you what it promises. I became an artist right after that and I have earned the name as one of the top artists in scalp micro pigmentation industry. Up to this day I have executed more that 2000 successful procedures from alopecia full heads, covering hair transplant scars to repairing botched procedures, etc.

Anahi Parmar
Creative Director
Zoe Connor
Lead Designer
Calvin Jonahs
Lead Developer

Clients Speak

"Danny is definitely one of the best if not the best in this industry! Just finished my second session and it’s definitely life changing. My first session faded a bit but the second session made it pop. It look so real it’s unbelievable! He is also the nicest guy! I have one more session to go until it’s done but it’s already looking perfect! Highly recommended!"


"Like many men, I’ve been dealing with hair loss for a few years now. I had tried just about everything. Not ready to rock the chrome dome, I had looked up into a hair transplant but with so many mixed result many that were not successful I looked into scalp pigmentation as a more reasonable alternative. Still sceptical though I was fortunate to find Daniel with Scalp Allure online via Instagram. His work spoke for itself. I had my first procedure and the next day I was on a cruise with many of my family members and non of the noticed anything different. One of my make cousins said, “man your edge up looks nice, who cut your hair?” And he’s taller than me and standing right next to me and couldn’t tell anything different about my hair. That’s was confirmation enough that I had made the right choice. If you’re on the fence about the precedure “don’t be”. You’re in good hands with Daniel. He’s an artist who proud of his work and it shows in his work and his work speaks for itself."


"This has been the best decision of my life. I have struggled with hair loss since just after high school. I have tried many products, but was never a permanent solution. During my research of possible solutions I found micro pigmentation, so i began to search around the area and that’s when I met Danny from Scalp Allure D.C. He was really professional and extremely flexible with scheduling. For anyone searching for a solution for hair loss search no further than Scalp Allure D.C. Danny will change your life."


"Let’s forget the fact the people needs the service that Mr. Danny Yerenburg provides, they just do not know that it exists and even if they do get exposed to this magnificent procedure, it is still challenging to fully comprehend what it actually is. I love the fact that Danny was explaining things to me like a child. He made me so feel at ease, without any pressure and showing pure patience. This man essentially was “spoon feeding” me information and ultimately made me feel comfortable enough to make an intelligent decision to move forward with getting these “organic hair follicles”. I urge you, to at least educate yourself on this procedure. Once you do, I will also encourage to get Danny Yerenburg to do this procedure cause I can tell you this, I did my due diligence/back ground check on Danny and the man is documented. Danny, from my heart to yours I say thank you for assisting me in rebuilding my confidence and self esteem, there is not price on that!"


"Just wanted to start off by saying I been battling​ hair loss for over 10 years I have tried everything from propecia to rogaine nothing has worked I was looking in to getting this done for years but wasn’t sure about it till I made my appointment with Danny this was one of the best things I have ever done​ in my life Danny is a true professional and truly cares about his clients just had my first procedure and can’t believe how great it looks I can’t wait to have my second just wanted to say thanks Danny this truly has changed my life"


"I would definitely recommend Danny and scalp aesthetics. Jusy finished my second and final treatment and Im very happy to have a hairline again. Everything looks natural and the aftercare process is very simple."


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